In The Shadow of Monsters



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SAMPLE (from prologue):

...The lady standing behind him in line at the bank later told the police officer, “I was looking at that

woman's legs and for some reason I thought of Bill Adkins”.


I was 11 months old. My mom was holding me when the officer showed up at our door to say

that he was sorry but had reason to think Bill might have just robbed the bank. This somehow

made perfect sense to my mom, she knew what Bill had been through in the last couple of


She started to weep.

The police officer was my dads cousin and he was aware of "the troubles" dad was having.

He had Interviewed witnesses at the bank, including that one little old lady who mentioned

almost as an after thought that while looking at those legs, for some reason had thought of Bill Adkins.

The officer had quickly put two and two together and as unbelievable and unlikely as it was, had

come to our house to ask about dads whereabouts. Moms reaction only confirmed a suspicion

and that was eventually enough to convict…

“Yes, he had acted very strange this morning”, she said. “He always brings William (my older brother)

with him whenever he goes out, but today he told Bill to first just go get something and then left without

a word”. Billy had cried when he found out his dad had left.

He had some business at the bank, after all.

He had dressed up as a woman.

I don't have the details on this, how fashionable the attire, high heels versus pumps, Long flowing gown

or conservative mid length skirt, etc…

The bank he was about to rob was our local bank in our little town. A town so small that everyone either

knew or was related to everyone else. He carried a loaded weapon into the bank, which would add

mandatory time to his eventual prison sentence. He handed the teller a note. I imagine it said something

like "give me all your money" or "this is a stickup" or something like that. Not one single person identified

him that day but then there was that little old lady who “somehow thought about dad”.…

He had made a perfect getaway with seventy five thousand 1958 dollars which consisted of a getaway car

driven down to the river and then a getaway boat driven down the river to yet another getaway car driven to

…wait for it.

The rock quarry!

When he got home later that evening, he was arrested for robbing the bank..